Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Part 1

This is the family shot where Jeremy is not looking at the camera. The one shot where he was looking at the camera he was flipping it off. Awesome and classy, right?

Emma was dying to be Rapunzel this year. As in life was not worth living if she couldn't be Rapunzel. She can be very dra-ma-tic when the situation calls for it! So I've had this costume since August. Because God forbid some disaster occur and there were no more Rapunzel costumes for Halloween! LOL Seeley was a smurf if it's not obvious. And if I must say, one of the cutest smurfs I've ever seen. I called him Hunky Smurf all night!

Emma and MeMe Hope. I can only hope and pray that I look this good at 90.

Spiderman aka Holton. Seeley kept looking at him trying to decide if his chicken nuggets were in any danger. Hunky Smurf does not share his bites, even with super heroes.

Emma, Seeley, and Parker. Parker was a fisherman. And he also absolutely refused to smile-stone cold face was all we could get out of him. LOL

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dave and jenn said...

They're so cute! I love the Smurf idea!!

Looking forward to seeing pictures from your party too. :)