Monday, November 7, 2011

This and That

Blurb Book: So my friend Jennifer was the final straw that broke this camel's back. I have avoided doing monthly posts or letters to my kiddos because, let's face it, I'm not a very consistent blogger. The main reason I started this blog was so that our friends and family could keep up to date on what was going on with us. We have a lot of friends and family that just live too far away for us to see them regularly.

But then I saw this. Now, I've got to do it. This would be such an awesome keepsake for Emma and Seeley. Granted, I'll be starting them a little late. But it will actually just kind of pick up where their baby books have left off. So, say a little prayer for me that I can work this into my schedule!

Christmas Decorations: I bought out Hobby Lobby this weekend. Not kidding. Big plans for making a wreath and other goodies. Now that Halloween is behind us I'm ready for Christmas!

Putting the hubs to work: My love of Pottery Barn is legion. I informed the hubs that he has to recreate this for Emma.

How cute is this bed? Emma will absolutely love it and it will solve so many of my space problems. My child has a room jam packed full of toys and doll furniture. Hubs can pull this off for about 1/4 the price. Score! This will be his after-Christmas project.

I'm a leper: Sort of. My dermatologist put me on Accutane to clear up my face. Now my face is looking better but one of the side effects is horrible dry skin. This translates to some awful spots on my arms, which led the hubs to nickname me The Leper. I keep repeating to myself "It will be worth it, It will be worth it."

Black Thursday: I'm thinking about jumping on this bandwagon. Several stores are now starting their Black Friday sales late on Thursday, or at Midnight. I can definitely stay up late easier than I can get up at 2am. So now all I need is someone else willing to freeze their butts off in line with me . . .

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dave and jenn said...

You will love having the Blurb books. They are so nice! And you don't have to fill them all with posts either - you can make it primarily a picture book too, if you want.

Are you on Pinterest? If not, you should! You would love all of the craft/decorating ideas on there!