Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The sickness

Poor Little M has been sick for the past three days- running fever, throwing up, and having some breathing difficulties with her asthma. We took her to the doctor and she's on some antibiotics so hopefully things will turn around. Emma is such a little trooper-the only hint that she's sick is that she is very clingy, as in I have to take her to the bathroom with me and STILL hold her the entire time. Doesn't she look pitiful? This is right before her bottom lip sticks out and she starts crying.
My boss is in from Florida this week and I have a completely full schedule at work so Jeremy and I have been alternating staying at home with her, but Mommy is still best when she's not feeling good. Jeremy gets stressed out by constant crying and I come home to a wrecked house.
I really hope Emma gets to feeling better by this weekend because we have an appointment to get our pictures made by a wonderful photographer in North Little Rock. She did Emma's daycare pictures in the Spring and they were fabulous, but that was her last time at the daycare. So now, we're traveling to her. I was so disappointed in her daycare pictures for the Fall. The person you did them was terrible-Emma had snot on her face, you could tell she had been crying, and she just looked dazed in general.
I don't often get to have "expensive" pictures, we usually go to Sears and have to face the butt- crack girl, but I think Emma turning 1 warrants expensive pictures. I finally talked Jeremy into it and then had to battle him on his clothes. He just doesn't understand that colors need to coordinate and was offended when I restricted his color choices. He wanted to wear a blue thermal shirt from Old Navy that said California across the front in yellow . . . please pray for me.
In other news, I think my brother and his family may be coming to Arkansas for Thanksgiving-yay! They live in Florida (part time in Louisiana due to his work) and I haven't seen them in TWO YEARS! I am so excited! I also used their visit as motivation to get Jeremy to finish my hardwood floors-only about 100 sf left!!
And, as part of our ongoing renovation nightmare-it looks like we're going to have to replace a wall and some of the floor in our bathroom. yeah. Apparently water has been getting behind our shower wall and has rotted out part of the wall and the floor under the tub. Where is Ty Murray when I need him? The next time I say the words "we can update this house in no time-let's buy it" SLAP ME, please.

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BMS said...

Girl-you made me laugh talking about the yellow t-shirt!!