Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat

I was a little worried that Emma would freak out with the hood on her kitty costume, but she acted like it wasn't even there. I bought this at Cracker Barrel of all places a month or so ago and I think it is just too adorable.

Jeremy forgot all about Halloween until I called him and reminded him, THEN he decided to stop gossipping with his friends like a little girl and come home from work. (And for those of you that don't know any men who work in the railroad industry-they gossip like little gray haired ladies. These guys don't have anything on the women, I promise. Working with them is like watching a real life soap opera.) Anyway . . . so he was running late and I decided to just go ahead and take her to my mom's house first. I'm all about schedules these days and wanted to take Emma on her rounds before she got sleepy and cranky, which happens around 7pm every night.

Nana gave her some goldfish, which she proceeded to grind into dust. And then tried climbing on the table for the BIG bowl of candy.

Next we went to see Aunt Brittany and Uncle Justin and the Meme and PopPop. Emma's new favorite word is PopPop, which needless to say drives MeMe crazy. You can literally say to Emma, "Say MeMe" and she'll go "Pop Pop Pop Pop". It's hilarious. You can practically see the steam coming out of Robin's ears. John and Robin live on Pine Bluff St so there were TONS of trick-or-treaters. Emma would go to the door everytime someone came up and just stare at them in their outfits. We had to cut our visit short though because the crankiness hit. All in all, not a bad 1st Halloween.

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