Sunday, May 3, 2009

Celebrating the New

TA-DA! New Hair!!

I cut off 8 INCHES and added some bangs! I love it! I was a little worried about the bangs because I haven't had bangs since Junior High (I was afraid it would be annoying) but it's great! And, Jeremy wasn't happy but he's still speaking to me so it's a win-win!

Things are not going as smoothly on the bathroom remodel. We're already behind schedule thanks to the rain. (Can't buy and haul home sheet rock or hardy board in the rain) Demolition is still in full swing but here are some of the before pictures so you can see the mess we have to work with:

This is the vanity. I've already replaced the mirror and light fixture but the vanity is super old with a laminate top. I painted it when we first moved in because it was hideously ugly but it's going bye-bye.

This is right in front of the shower. You can kind of see the water damge on the sheetrock. The subfloor under the rugs is ruined from water. (We had a leak behind the shower wall.)

More to come . . .


BMS said...

I LOVE IT! Your hair looks super chic and cute! Yay for Bangs!! Only cool girls have bangs.

Mollie said...

Love your hair! You know when we lived in Texas Chad worked for the James Hardie Company, he made Hardie board. Worst job ever! They were horrible to their employees but made a good product. Can't wait to see your hair in person.

Dave and Jenn said...

I LOVE your hair!!! I tried bangs last year and really liked them. I think you look like such a stylish mom!