Friday, May 15, 2009

Hallelujah I can see the sun!

I hate the rain. Absolutely despise it unless I am sitting cuddled up on my couch in my pj's and can watch it out the window. That was NOT the case this week. Fresh off of my work-cation I dove straight into the nightmare at work that awaited me. My job really is not bad, I promise. I enjoy it 95% of the time, but it is also very fast paced and I have several projects at critical negotiating points. With the economy in the dumper you can imagine the pressure to find new ways to make up for lost business. So not only do I get to try and catch up from my time off (still haven't done that) but the President of our company was in town so I had to set aside a lot of time for him as he always wants to know about my new projects, etc. It's flattering, but supremely time consuming.

But, back to my original point-I hate the rain. It totally mirrored my mood this week and screwed it up royally. Lots of rain = delays on the railroad = lots of angry customers calling Stephanie. Yeah. We had certain areas of our railroad in southeast AR under water around the Saline River. UNDER .WATER. and I was still fending calls from people demanding we deliver their cars. Sure, just let me whip a boat out of my magic hat and I'll get that right to ya! Pure craziness. Add the water moccasins that tried to get into our locomotives and it makes for a heck of a time! Seriously not kidding about the snakes.

This is our locomotive crossing one of the few bridges that was only slightly underwater and still passable.

And poor Jeremy is working the noon to midnight shift this week so absolutely nothing is getting done in our bathroom so I'm still schlepping over to other people's houses to take a shower with Emma. yay! Hopefully we can tackle and finish that bathroom this weekend!


Mollie said...

Chad wanted me to let you know that he will help you guys out this weekend if you need him too. He is a pretty good handy man, just let me know.

Love Ya!

Dave and Jenn said...

I wish we lived closer, because you could come over to our house! The rain has really sucked. I never imagined how it would affect the railroads!