Monday, May 11, 2009

Renovation Nightmare

So, our vacation sucked the big one. We ran into so many problems on this bathroom renovation that it is ridiculous. We canceled all of our plans for the week and instead made 5 trips to Lowe's, 3 trips to various hardware stores and are still not finished with the bathroom! Ugh! First it was problems with the sheetrock, then the subfloor, then the plumbing! Seriously, can HGTV come and take over now?!

My brother thinks our problems are hilarious. He is currently overseeing a hotel construction in Baton Rouge, LA , so as you've guessed he does this sort of stuff for a living and is fantastic at it. I apparently did not inherit the "handy" gene. I was talking to him yesterday and he was like, "Well Steph, I would have had that done in like two days!" Rub it in why don't ya! I love that guy to pieces! (And would have so made fun of him if the situation was reversed) Seriously, next time I'm contemplating a reno I'm calling in my big brother to make sure we're doing this crap right! This is what our bathroom looked like 2 days ago:

Now we have the plumbing fixed, sheetrock up, and half of the tile up in the shower. It's going to look so good when we're finally done!

I did discover that I'm a whiz at repairing sheetrock! Yay me! You can't even see the massive holes left in the wall where the dumbass that installed the original vanity NAILED it into the sheetrock!

The real downer about this project is that since we're installing tile around the shower the grout cannot get wet for 7 days! We still haven't grouted yet and this is the only shower in our house. Yeah. So each night we're schlepping over to either my mom's or his parent's houses for showers. The next 10 days or so are going to be long and painful.

On a brighter note- Emma has jumped right into her love for shoes. (Jennifer would be so proud!) Emma now gets into my closet at every chance and pulls out my high heels and clomps around the house in them. Too funny! You may not be able to really tell in this picture but she is sporting one of my black peep toe pumps with her koala bear pajamas.

Jerermy and Emma did an excellent job for Mother's Day this year. They made me a card, took me out to lunch, and bought me a gorgeous diamond necklace! I was so psyched. The card is out of this world sweet and I was shocked that Jeremy bought me some jewelry. He NEVER buys jewelry!

But now the vacation is over and I need to get to the 200 emails I've been avoiding. I hate going back to work after a vacation!

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Dave and Jenn said...

AHHH! I love the shoes!! I'm so proud of Miss Emma for starting early. :-) I'm glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day - Jeremy gets points for the diamond necklace! I'm sure it is beautiful.

I'm not one for renovations, so I give you props for doing this yourselves. Growing up, it seemed like they NEVER got finished at our house!