Monday, August 30, 2010

Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

We've had a lot of firsts at our house this week. Good firsts and bad firsts. Since I'm the eternal optimist and Jeremy is the eternal pessimist I feel it's only appropriate to figure out both the good and the bad for each of our firsts.

1. First day back to work/daycare for the kiddos
Glass Half Full: I already know the daycare workers so Seeley is in good hands and I'm not stressing as much as I did with Emma. Adult conversation and clothes that don't consist of an elastic waist.
Glass Half Empty: Missing out on special time with the kiddos and some much needed sleep. The finding of clothes that fit without an elastic waist is difficult and depressing.

Don't the kids look adorable? Seeley had to let the ladies know he was coming . . .

2. I joined the YMCA
Glass Half Full: It feels good to be working out again, even if it is during my lunch break and I come back sweaty and stinky.
Glass Half Empty: I know that you go to the gym to get into shape but I can't help being embarrassed at how OUT of shape I am. Yes, I know I just had a baby. But the other people there don't know that. To them I look like just another fat slob who is trying to catch up on a New Year's Resolution. Sigh.

3.Emma started a gymnastics class.
Glass Half Full: She L.O.V.E.S. it! Best way ever to run off some excess energy and it so cute to watch.
Glass Half Empty: Class is in Hot Springs from 5:45 to 6:30 and totally throws us off our nightly schedule. I'm hell on schedules.
4. Emma had her first haircut.
Glass Half Full: She thought it was the coolest thing ever and her hair looks so much thicker and healthier without all the uneven layers.
Glass Half Empty: My baby is growing up! Wah!

It's hard to tell in the after pic but her hair is in a cute little bob right above her shoulders.

5.Your truly got her first (and hopefully last) case of staph infection
Glass Half Full: It's on my legs so I can cover it up and am not at risk to contaminate others. Shower is 5 minutes long tops.
Glass Half Empty: Shower is 5 minute tops because I can't shave my legs until I'm finished with the antibiotic. 7 days people. I'm going to need a weed whacker by day 7. Never in my life have I had to do anything more disgusting than let my leg hair grow out. Never.

6. Escaped convict loose in my "neighborhood" and law enforcement didn't catch him until this morning.
Glass Half Full: Can't really think of one. Does sleeping with a gun count?
Glass Half Empty: Since Jeremy literally leaves in the middle of the night for work I was home alone with the kids. Had nightmares all week and freaked out at every little sound.

I can't wait to see what this week brings!

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