Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bad Blogger!

****UPDATE***** Since I refuse to remove the spa picture because I think we are all beautiful here is proof that Morgan is not a "big ass pink whale" (see her inaccurate comment). I'm posting a picture from a year or so ago at Mollie's baby shower. Mollie- why the heck are you pregnant in all these pictures?! :)

TaDa! Morgan the beautiful:

And, in my defense I was preggers too.

I'm a terrible blogger. I haven't posted anything in a while, but in my defense life has gotten slightly more crazy over the past couple of weeks. The other half of our marketing and sales department at work was let go so I'm pulling double duty until we find a replacement. Not fun, but what are you gonna do? And, Jeremy is working the crazy ass noon to midnight shift at work so I've basically been a single mom for the past couple of weeks. Again, not fun. I always thought that I respected single moms- now I have a whole new concept of respect. God love them!

Last Saturday Morgan and I took Mollie to Chrysalis Day Spa in Hot Springs in lieu of a baby shower. Completely Mollie's idea because Morgan and I were all set to hang pink streamers and send out inviations but she insisted. And it was a TON of fun! Don't we look cute in our robes? My mom was nice enough to keep Emma long enough for all three of us to get massaged, buffed, and painted. I don't remember the last time I had so much fun-it felt like we were in college or high school all over again. I literally laughed so hard my sides hurt the rest of the day. And, to complete the nostalgic high school/college feeling we got shushed! The three of us were trying to sort out our robe/slipper arrangements and were apparently talking and laughing too loud so when we came out of the dressing room we were called "girls" and shushed! I was a little pissed off at the time because we were paying them large amounts of money and should be able to laugh if we wanted to, but oh well. And, I think we passed the point of being called girls when we hit 25. But anyway. We had a blast and have decided that we need to do something similar every 6 months or so, but at least once a year.

I've got a reminder in my Outlook calendar so don't think I'll let you forget!!


BMS said...

What a fun idea instead of a shower! I am so jealous!

Morgan said...

Stephanie Jean Johnson, PLEASE I beg of you in the name of everything Holy, delete that picture. I look like a pink ass whale!!

Morgan said...

But I forgot to add that you and Mollie look BEAUTIFUL in that pic! :o)

Morgan said...

Oh and one more thought...LOL...I was a little miffed about being "shushed" too...We were paying them dang good to be as loud as we wanted to be...Plus if they didn't want us to be loud they shouldn't have let us be in the same room... hahaha...It was an awesome day...I can't wait to go back!!!