Monday, February 2, 2009

There is hope!

This past weekend reaffirmed my belief that anything is possible.

First, Emma's surgery on Friday went really well. I was super nervous about her being put under anesthesia due to her asthma and our stint in the ER the weekend before. But, it went great. The first three hours or so after surgery were a nightmare though. Emma was absolutely inconsolable after the surgery; crying and just beside herself. Apparently this is normal for little kids. She finally took a nap in my lap and when she woke up it was like nothing had happened. Amazing! I truly think she feels better too without all of the blockage in her ears. The ENT said she probably was in pain too but had just become accustomed to it. She's almost like a completely different child. Case in point- She totally tried to upstage Mollie at her own baby shower. All of the attendees were sitting in a circle and Emma took it upon herself to jump right in the middle and dance, laugh, run around, and generally just show off. She thrived on the applause (which everyone was gracious enough to give her). She hasn't quite grasped the concept that the world does not revolve around her! Sorry again Mollie!!

She and Baylie seem to be getting along famously now. Baylie always wanted to be touching Emma's arm and Emma kept stroking Baylie's hair. She has total hair envy I think. Aren't they cuties?
And, dum dum da dum- Jeremy said that he needed to get started on renovating our bathroom and completing our half-finished chainlink fence. Then, he's going to build our deck out back! All within the next few months! There is a God and He heard my prayers!
And I found my brightest beacon of hope last night while trying to organize some of my junk. It came in the form of a wrinkled yellow piece of paper with William Frazier's chicken scratch/handwriting on it. The personalized workout plan William had created for Mollie and I while we were all at UCA! While Mollie and I were roomies in our fabulous apartment in Conway we would meet the MCHS crew 3-4 days a week at the Hyper Center on campus to work out. (The MCHS crew consisted of the three of us plus Brooks Tune, Aaron Eppler, and occasionally Josh Austin.) William came up with this kick ass workout plan for us and I must say I have never been in better shape. (Even when I was being yelled at on a daily basis to run in high school.) We had so much fun getting together every afternoon . . . ahh memories. So anyway, I found this and my hope in fitting into my pre-Emma clothes has been restored. Her surgery and other insane work issues have kept me out of the gym so far despite my recent promise but all of that is going to change because I now have a surefire plan again! William Frazier-my hero!
And, since I'm being hopeful I dropped off my taxes today so cross your fingers for me that my CPA tells me I'm getting a really large tax return this year- Mama needs to go shopping!!


BMS said...

Poor girl! I know how scary it is to have your baby put under anesthesia! Sounds like she is a champ!
Good luck with your workout! I am still getting my ass kicked by Jillian Michaels every day, but it's working!

Mollie said...

I'm so glad you girls could make it to the shower and I'm even happier that Emma is feeling better. Poor girl has been through so much! Let's try to do lunch this week. Mexican???