Monday, February 16, 2009


Jeremy and I are kind of spoil sports. We don't celebrate V-Day like most couples-no huge bouquets, fancy dinners, etc. We buy gifts (cause we love presents) but that's about it. Jeremy, being the antisocial person that he is, hates going out to eat because of the crowds, and since Emma has come along it's just easier to celebrate at home with her.

This year our V-Day started out differently-with a trip to the pediatrician. ( I sincerely hope this doesn't become a tradition!) Emma had an asthma flare-up and we took her to get her oxygen level checked and make sure we didn't need yet another hospital stay. Luckily her oxygen level didn't warrant a trip to the hospital but we have had to give her the fast acting inhalation treatments every 4 hours around the clock the past few days. (Guess who gets to do that in the middle of the night?! If you said Jeremy I'm laughing my ass off at your craziness right now!)

So, the day didn't start out the best but we did get some nice quality quiet time at home this weekend. Since it was cold we just cozied up in the house and enjoyed playing with Emma. Oh, and for those interested in gifts I got Jeremy tickets to the Nickelback concert coming up in April and he got me some beautiful tulips (my fave), some shoes, and a wallet that I had eyeballed in the past. I never, ever would have bought this wallet for myself though because it didn't come from Trendy. I'm sorry Britt- Jeremy cheated on you-NOT ME! For those that don't know- my sis-in-law owns an accessories store in Malvern. Check out her myspace page-she's got tons of cute stuff!

And, we got possible bad news today. I took Emma in for her 15 mth checkup and the doc is sending her to an allergist. Her reaction to our dogs has gotten terrible. If she touches them she breaks out in a rash and gets red whelps all over. So, I'm terrified that the dogs are more of a problem than Jeremy wants to admit and it may be wreaking havoc on her asthma. I guess we'll find out. If the dogs have to go outside it won't be a problem with Rosie. She will not like it at all, but she'll live. Maybell cannot go outside though. Bulldogs are very sensitive to extreme temperatures and it can kill her, so I don't know what we'll do with her. I love my dogs, but Emma has to come first. End of story.

Anyway, here's hoping your weekend and V-Day were wonderful.


Dave and Jenn said...

Sounds like Jeremy did a good job! I love tulips - I bet they were beautiful. I'm sorry to hear about Emma's allergies....Macy is having more problems with hers now too. I know it's not the same, but I can understand the frustration.

Mollie said...

Hey! Sorry to hear about Emma's allergies, I was hoping those tubes would work wonders and be a cure all! I don't envy your situation at all, it will be hard on all of you if the Rosie goes outside and Maybell has to find a new home. Keep us posted, lets do lunch this week!