Thursday, February 12, 2009

Can you handle this awesomeness?!

My pictures are FINALLY in! So, what better way to spend my time while I'm sitting at the Sonic in Jacksonville waiting on a meeting than to upload my pictures for your viewing enjoyment? (Yes, I'm pushing the big 3-0 and I still don't like to eat by myself in restaurants. Sometimes I'll bring in my laptop and work but then I just feel snooty, so whatever.)

Check out the belly on her! (Emma. Please don't look at mine!) Can you tell she likes to eat?
My absolute FAVORITE. She's laughing, not screaming by the way.
Trying to bail out of Jeremy's arms . . .
My philosopy on pictures is probably different than most people. I adore candid shots, not so crazy about stiff, posed pictures. (You'll note I only bought one because I just couldn't get past her little starving marvin belly). Also, I really don't do themes. The bathtub shots were my least favorite but Jeremy loved them so there you go. Anyway, all in all I was pretty pleased. I think my little family is pretty darn cute!


BMS said...

I love her belly!! You look gorgeous, my dear!

Mollie said...

Too Cute! It's 2:30 am...hope you are not awake like me. Baylie won't sleep!

Dave and Jenn said...

I love the pictures! I need you to send me one so we can frame it! :-)