Friday, February 13, 2009

Is that sugar for me?!

Emma had her very first Valentine's Party yesterday. Her first class party ever also. Her class was pretty small that day with only 6 kids there that morning for the party but she enjoyed all the sugar anyway. She normally doesn't eat a lot of sweets so I think she was on a sugar rush all day. Her teacher said she only slept for 45 min and last night she was out like a light around 7:15. She was flat wore out! And, of course I took pictures to document her "first". The party was short but sweet. You can't make too big a production out of a party for 1 year olds.
Speaking of food- before that little sugar celebration I had lost 2 pounds! Woo hoo! I think I could probably lose more if I could kick the Dr. Pepper habit. But I'm down to only 1 a day and I just don't think life would be worth living without a little caffeine. That or I wouldn't be worth living with!
I'm a huge fan of Hungry Girl so I bought her cookbook last week. Her gimmick is to take common meals that you eat every day but kick out the fat and calories. So far I've tried two recipes and I LOVE them. I made chicken quesadillas one night and Chicken Pot Pie another. (Money saving tip-you can purchase one package of 4 chicken breasts and it is enough for both meals.) I love her recipes because they are very easy to make, most of the ingredients are items you already have in your house (no searching for and purchasing an obscure seasoning you'll only use once), and the clincher-JEREMY WILL EAT IT! For those of you that know my hubby well, he adores fast food and just junk food/sweets in general. He would live off of Taco Bell if I let him and can finish a bag of candy between the grocery store and our house. If I even hint that a meal I'm cooking is healthy, or God forbid, low calorie he will immediately dislike it. As you can imagine that makes it hard to cook a dinner that both of us can eat and enjoy. But, NO complaints about the Hungry Girl meals! He doesn't know they're "diet" and has said he liked both meals. IF ANYONE CLUES HIM IN YOU'RE IN BIG TROUBLE!!
So, hope this information helps my girls out there. HG has a lot of recipes on her website but if you're looking for anything in particular let me know and I'll get you the recipe out of the cookbook.


Mollie said...

I'm so jealous of her school party, we miss out on that. I'm looking forward to our spa trip next weekend!

Dave and Jenn said...

Steph, you look beautiful in that top pic with Emma!